the apple of his eye

i promise i am NOT pregnant (bad sweater placement)

 this is yet another san fran post. that is luke's ipad2, not mine, and it was amazingly helpful during the entire trip. luke wants me to get one, too. i am hesitant, for i still own an ancient little flip-phone that only does 2 things: sends texts and makes phone calls. no internet and no fancy apps. so going straight to an ipad might just be too much technology for me to get sucked into right now. (i'll probably be eating my own words in a few months) it's bad enough that i'm on the computer at work all day and then at home on the laptop.

are you up to speed on all the new gadgets and gizmos? they make me feel like an old person. bah!
(you could argue that my oversized granny sweater i'm wearing makes me look like one, too)


Ty said...

Should get one Angela!

American Gypsy said...

oh! i want one, too. i'm wandering around our place with an "ebay eye" looking for things to sell so i can buy an ipad.