oyster fix

our lovely SF hosts were kind enough to tell us about a nice oyster bar down the street

since moving to NYC 9 months ago, we haven't had the pleasure of enjoying these gems on the east coast yet (sad!). soooo, we finally ate some in an entirely different city, all the way across the US! luke took me to have my first raw oyster experience in denver and i loved them, (naturally) smothered in cocktail sauce. growing up, i always snacked on canned oysters (in oil) on crackers with my mom. man oh man do they SMELL when you open the can, but i LOVE them still, canned or raw :) luke was SO happy and excited to indulge in them once again!

we ordered a trio of different kinds

happy hour oysters are not complete without some local anchor steam to wash them down with. yum!

next up: where we had dinner after the happy hour. we ended up going to 2 different places to eat! semi-embarrassing story to follow

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angela said...

thanks for visiting my silly blog. i love your posts! will definitely add you to my reader. your hopscotching all over the US makes me wanderlust-y. and you living in nyc makes me so excited to go back to nyc in july. +1 FAN! :D