royals spank the yanks

i'm briefly interrupting my west coast posts here so i can get up to speed with my blogging. so many things happening, it's hard to keep up! pardon the interruption. more from san fran soon. promise.

my concert/baseball chucks. these are well loved.

want to hear a chuck taylor story? ok then. back in 6th grade, i vacationed in orange county with my relatives for an annual visit. my cool, california cousins were all wearing chucks (they were growing up around skaters and surfers, mind you. west coast flow. LA fashion forward trend setters). i wanted to be awesome, too, so i came back to kansas with a pair of black high tops. WOW. the immature kansas farm boys i grew up with were not prepared for the coolness of chuck taylors. i was the laughing stock of what was an already humiliating prepubescent year. fast forward 2 years later to 8th grade, and chucks were all the rage (finally). all of a sudden, everyone had them. plaid, navy, low tops, high tops. ugh. so much for trying to start a trend in the midwest. anyhoo, on to baseball.

my shirt is from alyssa milano's sports clothing line, touch. who knew?

i got this foam finger during my last summer in kansas city, right before i moved to denver. for some reason i've been toting it around from city to city. am i a baseball enthusiast? far from it! however, as pitiful as the last years have been for the royals, i am a loyal fan to my kansas teams (royals, chiefs, jayhawks, eh maybe the wildcats from time to time)  anyway, here it is in new york city. i had to meet up with luke halfway at the 125th st harlem stop to catch the 4 train up to yankee stadium. you can imagine the looks i got while walking up and down the subway in harlem with my giant blue finger.

nice vintage jacket

good to know
luke LOVES to snack on peanuts but unfortunately, yankee stadium only sells saltless ones! poor guy :(
he didn't realize until he had already opened them

 so he opted for this brat instead

mike aviles' family was there cheering him on, wearing yankees hats and royals shirts

he was so proud! and...the royals WON!

waiting for the train home. as usual. you do a LOT of waiting for transportation in new york. these are the times when i really miss my jeep back home in kansas.

on the way home, luke spotted a heads up penny at the stop in harlem

when i took this picture, people on the subway immediately snapped their heads around to see who i was photographing. they seemed pretty disappointed when they saw my subject!

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Nicky said...

hahahah- the image of you carting around that finger is hilarious! And way to go with the chucks. My hubby grew up and the beach and has worn them since he was a boy! He and his friends STILL all wear them! Some things never change! Happy Monday!