the sunny mod room of nob hill

check out this sweet pad (aka 'sunny mod room') we got to stay in for 3 nights while in san fran. have you ever tried air bnb when traveling? it's an upgrade from couchsurfing (which i fully support) and i think it's more fun to save money and make friends with some locals (hotels are absurdly expensive!). i also don't mind staying in hostels, like this one in san diego. especially when i'm only sleeping in the room and dumping my belongings there. i'm even fine sleeping on park benches, as i did in paris years ago. call me crazy.

paper crane chain

a hint of tim burton

our hostess, alyssa, is a huge beatles fanatic like luke, so they got along great! alyssa and her boyfriend, nicholas, are huge design enthusiasts and had such fun style. 

an eames rocker in my favorite color, pistachio, and an outstanding vinyl collection that luke was thrilled about. do you see their rhino collection?

remote caddy made from knitting needles (or chopsticks?)

this awesome collection was in the bathroom and a lovely old cassette player accompanied them
(homer in a donut clock was a bonus!)

purified charcoal water to drink. definitely better tasting than NYC tapwater

i love this use of jars. i do the same with pasta and oats and rice.

so simple and uncomplicated. the chemex coffee maker

we were staying on the 3rd floor, where the second balcony on the right is

poor luke had to go to the doctor the morning before we flew out to CA with a terrible ear infection. they loaded him up with drugs and even told us to be prepared for his ear drum to burst from the pressure on the plane! :o he was SUCH a trooper and we had a blast despite his discomfort

we had a terrific experience staying in the sunny mod room of nob hill. perfect location and wonderful, interesting hosts with great suggestions on where to eat and explore. i highly recommend air bnb for your next travel adventure. do it!

we jam packed as much exploring as we could our few days in SF, so i'll be posting more of our adventures asap to wrap up our lovely west coast excursion.

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