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Modern Car 2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision though perhaps not as Defender, Range Rover a
luxury or sports like the Evoque, there is no doubt that this model is perhaps the
most important product of Land Rover. Since its launch in 1989 and still to this
day, over one million customers of discovery (in America LR4) has found buyers
around the world, making it the best-selling model of the company, however, the
British automaker prepares big changes for 2016, and so the iconic Defender will be
replaced with the more modern model, and Discovery will be one step closer to the
luxurious Range Rover.

2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision offer will also be divided into two models, and the
standard model with three (3)  rows of seats and a small sports Discovery with two
rows of seats and, as a direct replacement for the model Freelander / LR2. What can
you expect the public we can say at this year's auto show in New York City, where he
introduced the concept of vision that, without major changes, should be the next
generation of Discovery. At first glance, you can see that Vision follows the school
of design firms, particularly in the form of the front, which includes distinctive
LED headlights and a mask with a model of Range Rover Evoque

This concept 2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision provides the so-called "suicide doors"
for easy entry and exit of the public, but the chances are small that this design
could occur in series production. Vision also offers a high roof in a time when it
seems that companies are competing to make aerodynamic lines to a large extent, and
as a result we get a product that will be among the leaders in the classroom for the
rear seats and the boot. Vision introduces several innovations and attracts the most
attention, "Remote Drive Control". As the name suggests, this system allows the
owner to control his vehicle at low speeds, with a remote control

There is a famous off-road system of the British giant, which can be fixed in
different versions depending on the substrate (white snow, ice, mud, stones, sand,
etc ..), and is capable of scanning the surface and I I will suggest that the system
is better for driving. Although the '2015 Land Rover Discovery Vision able to
overcome all the obstacles of terrain, Land Rover is not ignored even customers who
do not leave the asphalt. This concept is equipped with comfortable leather seats,
electrical technology more advanced and lengthy selection of standard and optional

Land Rover would not reveal too many details mechanic, 2015 Land Rover Discovery
Vision, so you do not know which engine is under the hood, and tell you that the
Discovery is currently available with two petrol (3.0L V6 and V8 5.0 L) and diesel
engines (2.7L and 3.0L, both V6) engine, with a choice of six-speed manual
transmission and six eight-speed automatic. The audience could not meet the standard

in one of the most important European Motor Show in 2015, when sales began a year  later.

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